Hello and welcome.   Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Spence Gruendler.  That’s my newest Grandson, Evan.

I’m a native midwesterner, born, raised and spending most of my working career in Wisconsin. My wife Priscilla and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2000 to be closer to our grown children and future grandchildren.

I worked in the business equipment field, servicing mainframe computer systems and later selling and servicing cash register systems and time/data systems. After moving to Arizona I took a job with one of the major corporate players in the copier and printer industry.

I lasted just short of 3 years there before the micro-management and performance demands added up to more stress than I was willing to deal with. I was nowhere near ready for retirement financially, even though I should’ve been, but change was in order.

So I just quit the J.O.B., determined to find a much more enjoyable and lucrative way to earn a living and prepare for retirement. I determined also never to return to Corporate America. It works for most people, but not for me anymore, ever.

For the next 3 years I tried my hand at insurance sales, real estate investing and stock trading. Those 3 years turned out to be rather enjoyable and stress free, but unfortunately, anything but lucrative.

Change was in order once again.

This time I decided to take a long hard look at an industry that I had played around with in the past but never pursued in earnest, namely the Home-Based Business Industry and specifically Network Marketing.

It didn’t take long for the MLM DREAM of Financial Freedom coupled with Time Freedom to start burning inside of me once again.

But there was a problem. Millions have had that Dream. Only thousands have ever achieved it

Yes, thousands is a lot. But tell that to the millions of losers and see what their reaction is.

Bottom line – those are horrible odds to bet your financial future on and I wasn’t going to do it. If I was going to get back into that game I was going to have to have a better game plan than what had been the standard for all the decades of failure and bad publicity the industry had experienced.

So I took a part time job with great hours and free health insurance benefits, driving a school bus, while I studied and researched the MLM industry and Internet Marketing in general from the sidelines and formulated my new game plan.

My goal was to either discover or create the perfect opportunity and marketing plan to go with it that solved all the problems that caused the dismal success to failure rate that existed in the industry.

My motivation was and is what Zig Ziglar is famous for stating, namely: 

“You can have everything in life you want,

if you will just help enough other people

get what they want.”

 What I want and what all those millions of others who have tried and failed want is the same thing – The MLM DREAM of Financial Freedom AND Time Freedom.

Long story short, through a combination of discovery and creation, I have developed that perfect plan to enable all of us to turn that want or desire into reality. It is completely revolutionary.

If my dream is your dream, I invite you to contact me to see if we might be able to work together to make not only our Dream but the Dreams of millions of others become reality.

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