Yep, that’s me with a fishin rod in my hand.

Fishing in Arizona is a challenge.  Where I come from in Wisconsin, you can’t drive 10 miles without crossing a river or driving along side a lake.  And they’re all filled with natural game fish of just about every kind you could want.

Not like that here in Arizona.  You’ve got your choice of fishing for small stocked trout or catfish or maybe bass if your real lucky, in one of the little man made ponds they call “urban lakes.” 

Or you can make a day trip to one of the big reservoirs with a boat to go out and try to find the largemouth or striped bass that are plentiful but not all that easy to find. 

But, I guess I shouldn’t complain.  That’s about the only drawback to life here in the desert. 

No matter what your favorite outdoor sport, whether fishing or golfing or playing ball or hiking or biking, you can do ‘em all 365 days a year.

And I haven’t shoveled snow or mowed a lawn in the eight years I’ve been here.  You gotta love that.

Well anyway, I just though I should tell you a little about myself since I’m proposing that you might want to consider joining me in business on the Internet.

Besides fishing or golfing ocassionally, when I’m not actively working my real estate note business or my network marketing business I like to read. 

I’m an avid reader and I read for the purpose of learning.  I don’t read fiction. One of my favorite authors and motivational speakers is Jim Rohn.  Jim is known as America’s Formost Business Philosopher.  My favorite quote from Jim is:

“Formal Education will earn you a living.
Self Education will earn you a fortune.”

 I believe with all my heart that if any young person has a good solid high school education and would cultivate the habit of reading to learn, they could accomplish anything they set their mind to.

I know that contradicts the conventional wisdom that says you need a college education to be successful today, but I just don’t believe it.

Why if you took the money it takes for a college education today and put it in a solid investment program, when you’re at traditional retirement age that money would be a sizeable portion of your retirement nest egg.

Then instead of wasting all that money and four or more years of your life, get a good job and in your spare time embark on a self education program.

Like Jim Rohn said, and what he did himself by the way to become a self made millionaire,

                   “Work full time on your job and part time on your fortune.”

Besides learning about business and marketing, my other favorite topics for reading and learning are politics, religion and science.

Yeah I know, most of us were taught never to argue or discuss those first two.  Once again, I’m not much for conventional wisdom I guess.  Look at all the trouble were in today in the country because of those two subjects.  I’ll leave it there.

I haven’t read a newspaper in decades.  I get the news from the Intenet.  I don’t have cable TV or Satellite TV because if I did I’d waste hours a day watching it and never get anything accomplished.

As long as I can play along and watch Vanna light up the letters once in awhile while I eat some supper and watch one hour a week of a good serial drama like “24″ or “LOST” or now “The Event”  I’m happy.

I love all kinds of music, except rap and hip hop, neither of which even qualify as music in my humble but accurate opinion.

When I’m in my vehicle though, if I don’t have a motivational CD in, I’ll usually have talk radio on. 

That probably tells you my politics are conservative.  But don’t let that turn you away because both my political and my religious beliefs are currently being re-examined.

My very favorite passtime actually, is just enjoying intellectually stimulating conversation with other people.

I have a strong dislike for political correctness of any flavor.  I don’t like being told I need to accept people with hardware all over their face or tattoos all over their bodies or ridiculous hair styles or their pants hanging half way to their knees.

I’ll tolerate them but they can expect to tolerate my opinion of them if they get in my way.

My heroes are the men and women of the last century and a half who used their intelligence and risked their capital to start and grow the businesses that have provided the jobs and the goods and services that have contributed to the incredible standard of living that we enjoy in this great country of ours.

So look… maybe you’re thinking, “Wow, this guy and I are 180 degrees out on a lot of things.”

So what?  That’s not what’s at stake here.  It’s our financial future that is.  Our differences only mean that we could have some really interesting conversations.  Maybe even teach each other a few things.  You think? 

I guess I’ve gone on long enough here.  Probably too long for some of you, huh?

Well listen, if you’d like to join me and step out of the status quo and into the world of dreaming and doing and reaching for the good life of financial freedom and independence, I can shown you a couple of different ways.

The next step is up to you.  I’m here to help if I can.  I wish you well.


Spence Gruendler

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