Hello World

Welcome to my new Blog.  Spence Gruendler here.

This is the maiden voyage into the blogosphere;  the first entry in the ships log;  the virgin post;  the inaugural message.  This is both fearful and exciting.  While I’m not going “where no man has gone before,”  I am going where I have never gone before. 

So… SpenceOnFreedom.com – What’s that all about?  Freedom, that’s a big subject.  What kind of freedom?  Good question.  All kinds.

If you check the “About” page, you’ll see that everything starts with Political Freedom.  We’ll talk about that.  From that freedom comes the freedom to be or do or have whatever we choose, given our willingness to pay the price and acquire the necessary knowledge.  We’ll talk about that.

We’ll talk about Financial Freedom.  We’ll talk about Time Freedom.  Those two subjects combined together are what drives the huge home based business industry.

We’ll talk about Physical Freedom and Mental Freedom  or the freedom from poor health.  We’ll talk about Spiritual Freedom.  That could get interesting. :)

Those are the 5 Biggies that occupy a lot of RAM in my brain.  Here are a couple more:

_____________ Freedom.

_____________ Freedom.

You fill in the blank.  One of the most enjoyable things in life for me is intelligent dialog.  I would absolutely love for this Blog to become just that.  I sincerely welcome your feedback.  Got some knowledge or some wisdom to share?  Please do.  Feel free. (No pun intended)

I’m not sure at this point how often I will be posting entries to this new Blog.  I eluded at the top to a certain fearfulness with starting this.  What prompted that was, I don’t want to become tied to my computer.  I understand that to accomplish it’s purpose I must keep this Blog relatively fresh with new content on a somewhat regular basis.  I just don’t know what that’s going to take. 

I just realized the truth of something.  With Freedom comes Responsibility.  How appropriate Huh?  If  I desire the freedom to “not post,” then I need to take the responsibility to “post” in a timely manner to make this thing work.  OK, lesson learned.

We’ll talk again soon.

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